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Nuke Script – Multy Knob Changer

Oftentimes the sheer quantity of nodes in a Nuke script explodes more violently than New York City in your favourite Hollywood blockbuster. So it’s never a bad idea to have the right script at hand, to help you deal with ground zero (or hopefully a lovely organized script).

The Multy Knob Changer is a simple script, that lets you change several same knobs in a selection of nodes.

how to use:

Let’s say you want to set the ‘size’ knob of all blur nodes in the script to ’42’.

  • copy paste the script code into your nuke script editor and run it
  • enter the node class name, knob name and select the knob type (e.g. text field, drop down menu, check box)
  • check ‘only selected nodes’, if you don’t want to set the knob values for all nodes in the script
  • hit the start button


  • enter your new value, press ok. Et voilĂ , all your blur nodes were updated.


Get the script here.

If you want to add the script to your nuke menu and toolbar, place the multyKnobChanger.py in your .nuke folder and add the following lines to your menu.py. Don’t forget to comment out the last line (‘mainFunction()’) in the script.
For more details on custom menues check out this Nukepedia article.

import multyKnobChanger
effectropyTools = nuke.menu('Nodes').addMenu('effectropyTools')
effectropyTools.addCommand('multyKnobChanger', 'multyKnobChanger.mainFunction()')

menuBar = nuke.menu('Nuke')
menuBar.addCommand('Edit/multyKnobChanger', 'multyKnobChanger.mainFunction()')