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effectropy – let’s go!

Hello everybody and welcome to effectropy!

My new blog is finally online. So stay a while and listen, some cool content is about to come up here, soon! I will try to keep everything up to date and release new articles regularly (at least somewhat)!

What to expect? I’m currently working as a freelance compositor, so the main focus of this blog is going to be vfx. Projects, ideas, comments on the industry and technical stuff,… if it strikes me, I’ll let you know.
As a citizen of “Neuland” I am interested in web culture and like to share my thoughts with you. Even though the noise (ger: das Rauschen) of nonsense in the web is loud, some patterns might be found and explained. Denn der zunehmenden Fazialpalmierung muss Einhalt geboten werden!
If I should ever geek out too much, please let me know 😉
At times I like to exchange my wacom pen with a camera and shoot whatever the lens is willing to capture. Which is (to be honest) light, straight from the sun, through the lens, onto the chip, through the web, to your monitor, into your eye, for your pleasure to watch.

As you might have noticed I tend to get over excited with the use of language. I think cultural references and a pinch of sarcasm doesn’t make a blog post uninteresting, so please take it with a pinch of salt. Some articles might be published in german as well (or even in denglish, which has proven as a formidable way of expression). I think language is purely about meaning. It doesn’t matter how something is expressed, as long as the meaning gets carried.

Some features of the blog are still under construction, but I am keen to get some content online first.

In this first post I tried to make sure not to scratch the limits of your attention span. So there might be a moment left to leave me a comment or even spread the word.
Tell me what you think and stay tuned!